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Oleje silnikowe z normą WSS-M2C913-D o lepkości SAE 5W-30 są przeznaczone do stosowania we wszystkich silnikach wysokoprężnych marki Ford - z wyjątkiem Ford Ka TDCi (modele od 2009 roku) i Galaxy 1.9 TDi ( modele 2000-2006) gdzie do tej pory stosowane były specyfikacje M2C913-B lub M2C913-C. Szczególnie są one rekomendowane do modelu Ford Transit 2.2 Duratorq-TDCi, gdzie producent nie. On our website, the best brands of. Was die Verschleißfestigkeit betrifft, so werden die Anforderungen der älteren Ford-Norm WSS-M2C913-C erfüllt und in gewissen Aspekten sogar übertroffen. Ford empfiehlt es für alle Motoren zu verwenden, für die gegenwärtig Öle der Spezifikationen WSS-M2C913-B, WSS-M2C913-C oder WSS-M2C925-B vorgeschrieben wurde.. 6 Litri Olio Motore Sintetico FORD FORMULA F 5W30 ACEA A5/B5 WSS-MC2913-C. 5,0 su 5 stelle 12. 37,92 .... Especificación :. DLLUB - HUILE MOTEUR SPECIALE FORD 5W30 (Ford WSS M2C913-C) - 10 litres Huile synthétique procurant une économie élevée de carburant allant jusqu'à 3% ou plus et répondant à la norme Ford WSS M2C 913-D pour moteurs Euro 5 et 6. Pour moteurs Ford à essence et diesel de la dernière génération répondant aux directives des émissions .... Aceite Ford Formula F 5w30 El aceite de motor Ford Formula F 5w30 es un aceite para motores de coche con homologación ACEA A5/B5 y Ford WSS-M2C913-C, la cual agrupa la WSS-M2C913-B y la WSS-M2C913-A.. Este aceite de motor fabricado por el grupo BP/Castrol está fabricado con bases sintéticas hidrogenadas, es por ello que ofrece una excelente refrigeración al motor y una inmejorable. Diesel ford fiesta 2011 - Overfill of oil. Overfill of oil.went into air filter and turbo hose, this has been cleaned but I have really bad dark smoke coming out of exhaust pipe It start white and blue then turns dark smelling of Burnt oil Informed it would go 3 weeks ago and to drive on the motor way to burn the excess oil, this is not working,  the smoke has not decreased I've had the ....

FORD WSS-M2C913-C; FANFARO ESX 6711 Multipurpose multigrade fully synthetic power-saving engine oil for all types of present-day engines. Thanks to the unique bi-synthetic basis it provides instant lubrication at extremely low temperatures. Prevents start-up wear-out. Provides extreme. Autorizzazione costruttore: Ford WSS-M2C913-A, Ford WSS-M2C913-B, STJLR.03.5003, Ford WSS-M2C913-C Numero articolo 1111115-001-01-999 Il nostro prezzo 10,15 €. The Ford WSS-M2C913-C specification is superseded in 2012 by the Ford WSS-M2C913-D specification so most oil types that are currently sold will be based on this specification. My experience is that most different brand/oil types that are based on the Ford WSS-M2C913-C/D specification are all arround the same price range. Ford. FORD. Oils meeting the Ford WSS-M2C 913-C Engine Oil specification are fuel economy engine oils for all Ford vehicles matched to the ACEA A5 / ACEA B5 specifications. Backwardly compatible with WSS M2C-913-A and WSS M2C-913-B and can be used in cars requiring those engine oil specifications. Want to know which oil your vehicle needs? Use Total Lub Advisor – covering all popular makes and models of car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus, coach and both agricultural and industrial machinery, Lub Advisor knows the right lubricant for your car. ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5 API SN ILSAC GF-5 Meets - Ford WSS-M2C913-C / WSS-M2C913-D. Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 C2 ACEA C2 PSA Approval B71 2290. Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 C3 ACEA C3 API SN BMW Longlife-04 MB-Approval 229.31 / 229.51 Renault RN 0700 / RN 0710. Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start 5W-30 S1.

Ford WSS M2C913-C. 2020 Ford Focus 4 Wagon Active 1.0 EcoBoost 125HP mHEV. 2020 Ford Focus 4 2.0 EcoBlue 150HP. 2020 Ford Focus 4 1.5 EcoBlue 120HP Auto. 2020 Ford Focus 4 1.5 EcoBlue 120HP. 2020 Ford Focus 4 1.0 EcoBoost 155HP mHEV. 2020 Ford Focus 4 1.0 EcoBoost 125HP mHEV. 2020 Ford Focus 4 1.0 EcoBoost 100HP. It is also suitable for Ford wet timing belt technology and compatible with Ford specifications WSS M2C912-A, WSS M2C913-A/B/C/D. Vehicle Fuel Types Full Synthetic 5W-30 is suitable for use in passenger cars, 4WD's and light commercial vehicles. It is compatible with Petrol/LPG (Dual Fuel), E10, Diesel and most other conventional fuels. Webshoppen med FORD WSS-M2C913-C - kompatibel motorolie fra forskellige producenter. Køb Olie til biler der opfylder bilfabrikantens krav så du ikke mister garantien. Bestil højkvalitets FORD WSS-M2C913-C olie billigt på Bildeleshop.dk. Originalno Ford motorno ulje koristi inovativne tehnologije kojima štedite gorivo. Ford Fomula F je nasljednik ulja Ford Formula E. Specifikacije: SAE 5W-30, ACEA A1/B1/A5/B5, API SL, WSS-M2C913-A, WSS-M2C913-B, WSS-M2C913-C. Production of Volvo's turbocharged 'Short Inline 6' (SI6) engine (code: B6304T2) commenced in 2007 at Ford's engine plant in Bridgend, Wales. The turbocharged SI6 engine was based on the 3.2-litre naturally aspirated SI6 engine, but had narrower cylinder bores and a shorter stroke. As such, the SI6 T6 engine had 82.0 mm bores - spaced at 91.0. Nuestra Elección: Mejor. Anzeige.

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